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Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of words starting with “qis”? You’ve come to the right place! In this concise but comprehensive blog post, we will explore a captivating collection of terms that begin with the elusive letter Q. Whether you’re a word enthusiast, a crossword puzzle enthusiast, or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, this linguistic adventure will ignite your curiosity and leave you spellbound. From quirky to quintessential, these Q-words will transport you to a realm of imagination and intrigue. So, let’s embark on this lexical journey and unravel the mystery behind these captivating words that begin with “qis”! Get ready to impress your friends with your newfound linguistic prowess and uncover the hidden treasures of the English language.

List of word starting with qis

List of Words Starting with “qis”

Here is a list of 20 words that begin with “qis”:

  • Qis: A word itself, it is a plural form of “qi,” which refers to a Chinese vital energy or life force.
  • Qisqueya: The indigenous name for the island of Hispaniola, which comprises the present-day countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  • Qisan: A digital artist known for their stunning and imaginative creations.
  • Qishla: A historical term referring to a military barracks or fortress, commonly found in the Middle East.
  • Qismat: A term used in South Asian cultures to describe fate or destiny.
  • Qissa: A word that means “story” in various South Asian languages.
  • Qishta: A type of thick cream used in Middle Eastern and Indian desserts.
  • Qishloq: A word used in Central Asian countries to describe a small rural village or community.
  • Qisim: An Arabic term meaning “category” or “type.”
  • Qismah: A variant spelling of “qismat,” referring to destiny or fortune.
  • Qissah: An alternative spelling of “qissa,” which means “story” in South Asian languages.
  • Qissa-khawani: A term used in Pakistan, meaning “storytellers’ bazaar,” where traditional tales are shared.
  • Qisanlik: A Turkish word meaning “sensitivity” or “tenderness.”
  • Qisas: An Arabic term referring to the principle of retribution or punishment matching the crime committed.
  • Qist: A word meaning “just” or “fair” in Arabic.
  • Qisi: A term used in the study of birds, specifically referring to the feathers on their belly.
  • Qishr: A traditional Yemeni coffee made from the dried husks of coffee cherries.
  • Qisma: An Arabic word meaning “portion” or “share.”
  • Qishash: An Islamic legal term referring to the act of seeking justice through retribution.
  • Qisasul-Quran: A term used in Islamic studies, meaning “stories of the Quran.”


In the vast realm of the English language, the letter “Q” often finds itself in a unique position. While it may not be the most commonly used letter, it holds an air of intrigue and mystique. When it comes to words starting with “Qis,” the possibilities may seem limited, but they are certainly not lacking in fascination.

One such word is “qis,” a term derived from the Chinese language. It signifies the vital life force or energy that flows through all living beings. The concept of qis is deeply rooted in ancient Eastern philosophies and forms the foundation of practices such as acupuncture, tai chi, and qigong.

Another remarkable word beginning with “Qis” is “qissa,” originating from the Arabic language. It refers to a traditional storytelling tradition prevalent in many Middle Eastern cultures. These captivating tales are passed down through generations, weaving together history, folklore, and moral lessons, captivating listeners with their vivid imagery and captivating narratives.

Exploring words starting with “Qis” invites us to delve into diverse cultures, languages, and traditions. It reminds us of the rich tapestry of human experiences and the power of words to bridge gaps and connect us all.

As we bid farewell to our exploration of words beginning with “Qis,” we are reminded of the vastness and beauty of language. From the ancient wisdom of qis to the enchanting tales of qissa, these words captivate our imagination and expand our understanding of the world.

So, let us embrace these linguistic treasures, allowing them to inspire us, teach us, and remind us of the remarkable diversity that exists within our shared human experience. May the exploration of words beginning with “Qis” continue to spark curiosity and open doors to new

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