Red Wine Starts With T

Are you a wine enthusiast eager to explore the rich world of red wine? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating realm of red wine, with a twist – we’ll be focusing on red wine varieties that start with the letter T. From tantalizing Tempranillo to the robust Tannat, these wines are sure to captivate your taste buds and leave you yearning for more. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning your wine journey, join us as we uncork the secrets of these remarkable red wines. Indulge your curiosity, expand your knowledge, and discover new favorites as we take a deep dive into the world of red wine that starts with T. So, grab a glass, sit back, and let the adventure begin!

List of red wine starts with T

Red Wines Starting with T

  • Tannat: A bold and robust red wine with firm tannins, Tannat originates from Southwest France and is known for its dark fruit flavors and intense structure.
  • Tempranillo: Hailing from Spain, Tempranillo offers a medium-bodied profile with notes of red berries, cherry, and vanilla, making it an approachable and versatile red wine.
  • Touriga Nacional: A grape variety native to Portugal, Touriga Nacional produces rich and full-bodied red wines with intense flavors of black fruit, violets, and spices.
  • Tinta Roriz: Also known as Aragonez or Tempranillo, Tinta Roriz is a key grape variety in Portugal’s Douro Valley, producing wines with medium to full body and flavors of red fruits and spices.
  • Troussau: Originating from the Jura region in France, Troussau is a light to medium-bodied red wine with delicate aromas of red cherries, plums, and earthy notes.
  • Trousseau Noir: Similar to Troussau, Trousseau Noir is another red wine grape variety from the Jura region, offering a light and elegant profile with flavors of red berries, flowers, and spices.
  • Tempranillo Blanco: An uncommon white mutation of the red Tempranillo grape, Tempranillo Blanco produces white wines with vibrant acidity, citrus flavors, and a touch of tropical fruit.
  • Tinta Barroca: A Portuguese grape variety often used in Port wine production, Tinta Barroca contributes to fortified red wines with rich dark fruit flavors, chocolate notes, and a velvety texture.
  • Tinta Cao: Another grape variety commonly found in Port wine blends, Tinta Cao adds complexity with its spicy character, floral aromas, and flavors of blackberries, plums, and herbs.
  • Tinta Francisca: Native to Portugal, Tinta Francisca produces wines with medium body and vibrant acidity, offering flavors of red berries, cherries, and hints of black pepper.
  • Tinta Miuda: A lesser-known grape variety from Portugal, Tinta Miuda contributes to red wines with moderate tannins, bright acidity, and flavors of red fruits.
  • Tinto Fino: Also known as Tinta del País or Tinto de Toro, Tinto Fino is the primary grape variety used in the renowned red wines of Ribera del Duero in Spain, showcasing dark fruit flavors, oak influences, and a full-bodied structure.
  • Tinto Roriz: This grape variety, also known as Aragonez or Tempranillo, is widely grown in Portugal, particularly in the Alentejo region, producing red wines with medium body, balanced acidity, and flavors of red fruits, herbs, and spices.
  • Tinto Cão: A traditional grape variety in Portugal’s Douro Valley, Tinto Cão contributes to wines with intense color, firm tannins, and flavors of black fruits, licorice, and floral notes.
  • Teroldego: A native grape variety from Trentino, Italy, Teroldego yields deeply colored red wines with flavors of blackberries, plums, and spices, coupled with a vibrant acidity and medium to full body.
  • Tempranillo Graciano: A blend of two grape varieties, Tempranillo and Graciano, this red wine combination is commonly found in Rioja, Spain, offering a harmonious marriage of fruitiness and structure, featuring flavors of red and black berries, herbs, and vanilla.
  • Tinta Negra Mole: An important grape variety in the production of Madeira wines, Tinta Negra Mole creates medium to full-bodied red wines with flavors of dark fruits, caramel, and nutty nuances.
  • Tinta de Toro: Grown in the Toro region of Spain, Tinta de Toro, also known as Tempranillo, produces powerful and full-bodied red wines with concentrated flavors of black fruit, spice, and hints of oak.
  • Trollinger: A German red wine grape, Trollinger offers light-bodied and fruity wines with flavors of red cherries, raspberries, and a touch of spice, often enjoyed slightly chilled.
  • Turan: Commonly grown in Hungary, Turan produces red wines with a medium body, balanced acidity, and flavors of red berries, black currants, and sweet spices.


To sum it up, the world of red wine is as vast as it is fascinating. From the lush vineyards to the carefully crafted techniques, the journey of a bottle of red wine is truly a work of art. And when it comes to red wines that start with the letter T, the options are both diverse and delightful.

Tasting notes are subjective, but one cannot deny the allure of a bold and robust Tempranillo. Hailing from Spain, this red wine variety captivates the senses with its deep color, rich aromas, and complex flavors. Its velvety texture and well-balanced acidity make it a versatile companion to a wide range of cuisines.

Moving on to another enticing option, the Tannat grape variety originating from the Southwest of France has gained recognition for its full-bodied character and firm tannins. This wine demands attention and pairs exceptionally well with hearty meat dishes or aged cheeses. Its dark fruit flavors and rustic charm make it a favorite among wine enthusiasts seeking a bold experience.

And let’s not forget about the elegant and refined Touriga Nacional, often hailed as Portugal’s finest red wine grape. Known for its intense aromas of violets, blackberries, and spices, this wine exudes sophistication and depth. With its smooth tannins and long finish, it is a true celebration of the senses.

In the world of red wine, these tantalizing varieties that start with T are just the tip of the iceberg. Each bottle tells a unique story, a reflection of its terroir and the craftsmanship of the winemakers. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a curious enthusiast, exploring the world of red wines starting with T promises an unforgettable journey.

So, the next time you find yourself perusing a wine list or strolling through a wine shop, consider the allure of red wines that start with T. From Tempranillo to Tannat and Touriga Nacional, these wines will transport your taste buds to new heights and leave you with a profound appreciation for the art of winemaking. Indulge in the elegance, embrace the boldness, and savor every sip. Cheers to the captivating world of red wines that start with T!

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