List Of Boy name that starts with P 2024

Are you expecting a baby boy and struggling to decide on a name? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will explore a plethora of captivating boy names that start with the letter P. From classic and timeless choices to more unique and modern options, there is bound to be a name on this list that captures your heart. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect P name for your little bundle of joy!

Boy name that starts with P

1. **Parker**: A modern and trendy name, often given to energetic and athletic boys.
2. **Paul**: A classic and timeless choice, symbolizing humility and strength.
3. **Preston**: A sophisticated and charming name, often associated with boys who are ambitious and natural-born leaders.
4. **Patrick**: A name derived from the Latin word “Patricius,” meaning noble or patrician, frequently given to boys with a strong sense of honor.
5. **Peyton**: A unisex name that can be spelled in various ways, often chosen for boys who are outgoing and creative.
6. **Pierce**: A strong and masculine name, symbolizing resilience and determination.
7. **Philip**: A name of Greek origin, meaning “lover of horses,” often associated with boys who are gentle yet adventurous.
8. **Prestley**: A unique and distinctive name, often given to boys who have a magnetic personality and a love for the arts.
9. **Paxton**: A name with roots in Old English, meaning “peaceful town,” typically given to boys with calm and harmonious personalities.
10. **Phineas**: A name with biblical origins, carrying the meaning “oracle” or “serpent’s mouth,” often chosen for boys who are wise and intellectual.
11. **Porter**: A name associated with strength and resilience, often given to boys who are hardworking and tenacious.
12. **Pascal**: A name of French origin, meaning “Easter child” or “born on Passover,” often chosen for boys who are jovial and creative.
13. **Phoenix**: A unique and powerful name, symbolizing resurrection and rebirth, frequently given to boys who are resilient and have a strong sense of destiny.
14. **Penn**: A simple yet charming name, associated with boys who are adventurous and have a deep love for nature.
15. **Pablo**: A name of Spanish origin, often chosen for boys who are artistic and have a passion for creativity.


In conclusion, choosing a boy’s name that starts with the letter P can be an exciting and meaningful decision. From traditional classics like Peter and Paul to trendy and unique options such as Phoenix and Preston, there are plenty of great choices to consider. Whether you prefer names that embody strength, positivity, or individuality, a P name can capture your son’s essence perfectly. Take your time, explore your options, and make a choice that resonates with both you and your little one. Happy naming! Don’t forget to share your favorite P name in the comments below.

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