5 Letter Words Starting With Whif

List of 5 letter words starting with whif

List of 5-Letter Words Starting with “whif”

Below is a list of 20 five-letter words that begin with “whif”. These words have been carefully selected to help expand your vocabulary. Take a look and see if you recognize any of them!

  • Whiff: A quick burst or puff of air or scent.
  • Whift: A Scottish word meaning a slight gust of wind.
  • Whiff: Another word for a slight or passing smell.
  • Whiff: To inhale or sniff something quickly.
  • Whift: To move swiftly or nimbly.
  • Whiff: A term used in baseball to describe a swing and miss.
  • Whift: A gentle or soft blow, often used in boxing terminology.
  • Whiff: The sound or noise made by a sharp puff of air.
  • Whift: To make a low, whistling sound.
  • Whiff: A sudden or brief sensation or impression.
  • Whift: A small or insignificant amount or quantity.
  • Whiff: To fail or miss something, often due to lack of effort or skill.
  • Whift: A slight or gentle breeze.
  • Whiff: A lightweight or inconsequential person or thing.
  • Whift: A sudden or rapid movement.
  • Whiff: To dodge or avoid something skillfully.
  • Whift: A puff or gust of wind.
  • Whiff: To blow or send out in a puff.
  • Whift: A quick or fleeting glimpse or sight.
  • Whiff: To give off a faint or subtle odor.


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